John & Janelle, NSW

Boxspan Ground Floors

We cut into our existing project home and extended up and out. We had two main focuses besides adding more room; add as many eco design features into our home as possible and choose products that we can build with ourselves to minimise tradespeople.

Owner Builder

It was our first time using Boxspan bearers & joists and we really love things that work out to be neat, level and easy to install.

We cut into a perfectly good home, as my wife said at the time and added a separate new two storey section adding 80 odd square metres. The new zone comprised of an open living, dining, kitchen area down stairs and a new parents retreat, bedroom, ensuite plus walk-in robe upstairs. We lived in the existing part of the home while we did the new building work which in true fashion took a bit longer and the temporary kitchenette didn't suffice - we needed a cafe budget. Initially we planned to use Spantec products for the raised ground floor, the first floor frame and the tiled deck. But after finding it so easy to use Boxspan, we then used Colorbeam for the pergola instead of timber as planned. I also found other uses for Boxspan like a drop ceiling over the kitchen area and I really needed some heavy duty shelving in the shed - Taj Mahal style!

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