Peta-Julie Akester, NSW

Boxspan Decks

We built a 6m x 9m deck using Spantec steel frame.
Colorbond roofing across the top.

Owner Builder

Could not have asked for a better experience. Thoroughly professional and the quote matched perfectly the delivery. I would recommend Spantec and would use you again without hesitation.

Steve came out, inspected our site and advised us on what to do. He was fantastic and extremely helpful.
Our deck is about 2.8 m off the ground at its highest point, then the framework and the roof on top of that. It is a fantastic addition to our property and the outlook is all bushland.
The height also has the added benefit of catching the breeze on a hot summers day.
The original site was just a pile of mud and rock. Steve's suggestion of a "drawbridge" across to the deck, rather than having the deck butting up to the concrete slab was pure genius.

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