Stuart and Meredith, VIC

Boxspan Ground Floors

Together we built our homestead in a remote part of the Victorian High Country using Spantec Boxspan and Ezipier for the sub-floor and deck.

Owner Builder

From sales to design to delivery we could not have been happier with the the Spantec team and the dedication to their customers.

The challenges of building in a remote area we found considerable. It was only ever going to be the 2 of us doing most of the work apart from an odd tradie or a few family or friends. No power, no hardware store nearby and snow on the ground through winter. We started the job living in a tent and progressed to a small room in our shed. With one winter showering outside we worked hard to be in the house before the next winter arrived. Without a doubt I can say the easiest part of the build was putting the Spantec sub-floor together. The house without the verandah was 22m x 8m and when completed the sub-floor was perfectly level and perfectly square. This is the dream of any builder and we were the envy of many. We used a laser level to adjust each pier to the perfect height and the engineered frame did not take a great deal of effort to square up once it was level. The steel sub-floor also offers significant protection from termite damage and was another major reason for choosing it. We live in what is our paradise and the house we built reflects the character of the area and is large enough to accommodate a good number of guests.

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