Terence Curran, NSW

Boxspan Ground Floors

We chose the Spantec flooring system for it's owner builder friendly design and installation options, cost effectiveness and adaptability to our project. The team at Spantec were great to deal with.

Owner Builder

After several emails to Spantec the order was placed with the components delivered on schedule. Comprehensive plans and instructions were included as was the engineers details required by council.

We chose to build a highly modified version of a kit home designed and supplied by Prestige Kit Homes. We decided to use the Spantec flooring system in our build for a number of reasons and the decision to go with the Spantec system has proven to be a great choice. Due to our bush fire rating the Spantec steel floor system was a no brainer and my wife and I were able to erect the 220 square meter eazy pier and floor frames ourselves in about 5 days. I would recommend Spantec products to anyone considering owner building.

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