Boxspan Floor – House Rules 2017


A first for Channel 7 House Rules – A new house in 7 days

Supported by a Boxspan Steel Flooring System

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Pre Installation Day: Site safety induction and checking positions of poured concrete pad footings.

Installation Day: Below are the stages outlining how the team from Hi Quality Home Improvements built a Boxspan floor in 1 day.

Stage 1 – 7am start, 6 man Production Line 
  • 2 men measuring RL heights of pad footings and marking them onto pier layout plan.
  • 1 man transferring height measurement from pier plan onto posts for cutting.
  • 1 man cutting posts to required heights and numbering them.
  • 2 men screw fixing adjustable heads and bases onto posts.
Stage 2 – Break up into 2 teams

Team 1

  • Screw fix joist hangers (framing brackets) onto bearers. Each bearer was manufactured to designed length as per Spantec working drawings. Bearers were prepunched with joist numbers printed adjacent to each bracket.

Team 2

  • Positioned piers over concrete pad footings. Each adjustable Ezipier positioned as per earlier marked numbers relating to height measured.
  • As bearers were completed with joist hangers (framing brackets) they were then positioned onto the piers making sure the overall floor frame is square with temporary bracing.
  • Bolt corner and key internal piers to concrete pad footings for stability.
Stage 3 – Home stretch and back into production line
  • 2 men sorting pre-cut and numbered floor joists ready for installing as per Spantec working drawings.
  • 2 men placing floor joists into joists hangers (framing brackets).
  • 2 men screw fixing joists in main floor area followed by set down wet areas.
Stage 4 – 5 pm finish (incl. 15 min lunch)
  • Check floor frame is square in case of any movement during installation
  • Final check and adjustment to pier heights to make sure floor is level
  • Bolt remaining Ezipier bases to concrete pads and screw fix remaining Ezibrace cross bracing
Victorian House Episodes:

Episode 1 – Sunday 30 April 2017
Episode 2 – Monday 1 May 2017 
Episode 3 – Tuesday 2 May 2017 
Episode 4 – Tuesday 2 May 2017





Why it’s possible to build a Boxspan steel floor in 1 day?

Spantec Designed Kit Systems

Our approach has always been to make building easy on site. We do this by bringing the planning forward into our design and manufacturing process instead of waiting till the product get’s to site. Here are the key components of our designed kits:

  • Designed floor frame to your project requirements
  • Manufacture bearers and joists to length (no cutting on site) as per working drawings
  • Transfer joists positions from CAD designs to manufacturing
  • Print joists positions and pre-punch joist bracket fixing locations onto bearers
  • Manufacture and supply Ezipier and Ezibrace subfloor components along with all bracketry
  • Provide full working drawings bring it altogether and make it easy for on site installation

The result is a designed kit floor system just like the floor we manufactured for Victorian House Rules team, which meant the installers could start with minimal planning on site.

Other raised floor examples

Installation by Hi Quality

The installation for the Victorian House Rules team was done by the team from Hi Quality Home Improvements based in Sydney, NSW. Director, Shane Hall has built the business around residential construction including:

  • Ground floor and first floor extensions
  • Decks
  • New homes
  • Boxspan floor frame installations
  • Building in bushfire prone areas

Shane’s team has many years of experience in steel frame construction and is our partner when it comes to installations across NSW. Since 2015 Hi Quality Home Improvements have completed over 100 Boxspan floor frame installations ranging from simple decks and granny flats to large residential house floors on sloping sites.

With cut to length bearers, printing/punching for brackets on bearers and simple to follow plans means my guys can get into each job quicker leaving me time be across more sites.  Shane Hall, Hi Quality Home Improvements

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