Ezipier adjustable steel piers


Working hand in hand with Boxspan floor frames

We’ve refined our pier components; heads, bases and accessories to work hand in hand with our Boxspan flooring system. The range of pier heads suit specific bearer arrangements and locations in a floor to make installation as seamless as possible. The result is a pier system that is easy for builders and owner builders to assemble and level.

Working with Ezipier

Flush Finish: Ezipier heads are designed for a flush finish allowing cladding to run down the building face and not be kicked out by the pier head, post or ant cap.

Time Saving: Save time with one set of tradespeople to install piers and floor frame without the need for bricklayers.

True adjustability: Adjusting an Ezipier is done by turning a nut not by removing bolts or tek screws before adjusting height.

Affordable flexibility & convenience: The range of Ezipier heads have been designed to suit standard post sizes to handle most residential loads of up to 5m heights and for ease of purchase from local merchants.

Living with Ezipier

Safe perimeter: Because Ezipier heads are designed for a flush finish there are no protruding components to cause injury to those walking by including children.

Clear termite inspection point: Solid threaded rod – simple and easy to inspect and doesn’t interfere with cladding (note ant caps which can interfere with cladding are still only inspection points not “barriers”).

Base plate protector: The first pier system to provide a high capacity (5mm thick) composite protector to separate the base plate from the concrete footing for added protection against ponding of water.

Protection: Now you have the option to choose posts with higher protection (MAXI TUBE®) when required to suit site conditions such as coastal areas.

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How to assemble Ezipier


Ezipier components for Boxspan floors


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“Ezipier also supports other floors – timber or steel”

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