Ezibrace Sub-floor Bracing

Easiest sub-floor bracing!

Sometimes you create something that truly surprises. Ezibrace was like that for us. We set out to simplify our sub-floor bracing as all the alternative bracing components we had used over the years were slow to install and expensive to buy. our Ezibrace is the last component of our floor frame to be implemented making now the whole system simple and easy to assemble. We still can’t believe how easy it is.


Benefits to the builder

Cut installation time in ½: During onsite Ezibrace testing we found that Ezibrace will take about half the time to install of systems we have used in the past. It’s quick to install and in high wind applications the Ezibrace system can be adapted to achieve a higher capacity so you need fewer bracing bays to resist wind loads.

High lateral bracing capacity: The design of the Ezipier paddle and joiner allows for a high number of screws if required by your engineer. This combined with the 30×30 SHS bracing tube can provide you a high capacity to restrain from lateral forces between 5°- 60° degree angles.

Minimal wastage: With the Ezibrace joiner utilise small offcuts of SHS bracing tube without losing capacity.

Sloping sites: Piers and posts are typically used on uneven sites where it makes sense to have a cross bracing system like Ezibrace that allows for bracing posts of different heights.

ezibrace hero2

See how easy it is to install Ezibrace


Ezibrace components

Technical Information

ezibrace N1 to N3 wind conditions

Ezibrace Technical Specification
N1 to N3 wind conditions

ezibrace N4 and greater wind conditions

Ezibrace Technical Specification
N4 or greater wind conditions


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