Morning Install

Stage 1 – 7am start, 6 man Production Line 
  • 2 men measuring RL heights of pad footings and marking them onto pier layout plan.
  • 1 man transferring height measurement from pier plan onto posts for cutting.
  • 1 man cutting posts to required heights and numbering them.
  • 2 men screw fixing adjustable heads and bases onto posts.
Stage 2 – Break up into 2 teams

Team 1

  • Screw fix joist hangers (framing brackets) onto bearers. Each bearer was manufactured to designed length as per Spantec working drawings. Bearers were prepunched with joist numbers printed adjacent to each bracket.

Team 2

  • Positioned piers over concrete pad footings. Each adjustable Ezipier positioned as per earlier marked numbers relating to height measured.
  • As bearers were completed with joist hangers (framing brackets) they were then positioned onto the piers making sure the overall floor frame is square with temporary bracing.
  • Bolt corner and key internal piers to concrete pad footings for stability.


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