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This document should be read in conjunction with:

  • Spantec Terms and Conditions of Quotation and Sale
  • Spantec Terms of Payment
  • Spantec Returns and Refunds Policy
  • Spantec Privacy Policy


This policy is to assist in keeping Spantec’s customers, sub-contractors and employees safe from injury, as well as ensuring safe access to site.

This policy is to be read in-conjunction with the Spantec Delivery Advice Form.

Spantec will endeavor to ensure:

  • The national transport commissions “load restraint guide 2018” will be followed by all contracted drivers for Spantec.
  • The driver is fit for duty.
  • Any damage (to the product) from packing, loading, transport or unloading of materials will be Spantec’s responsibility.
  • Any damage will be noted on delivery and returned to Spantec’s yard.

Note: it is suggested the customer be onsite to for delivery to accept goods, and check materials for any damage personally.

All orders are packed by Spantec to best suit available transport. Spantec cannot accommodate special packing instructions or individual site requirements. Transport is only organized once product has been scheduled for production. Spantec will not arrange transport prior to confirmation of payment/purchase order. All transport is based on availability at the time of scheduling.

Our drivers will take photos of the site if there are any problems with access which causes a failed delivery.

Any damage noted by the customer is to be clearly marked on the delivery docket and signed by both the customer and driver.

The customer has a maximum of 48 hours after delivery to notify Spantec of any damages. A photo of the damaged material and a clear description are to be sent to Spantec for further evaluation.

It is the responsibility of the owner or builder to confirm appropriate access to site and to inform Spantec of any special road or delivery restrictions on signing of the contract. Special road restrictions require the customer to organize a suitable delivery option. Refer to the Spantec Delivery Advice Form for details concerning the required information.

In residential sites the material will be craned off the truck and placed within reach of the truck. If this means the product is left on the curb, it is the customers responsibility to install a temporary barrier/fence to prevent injury to the public and/or theft, all according to local council rules and requirements.

Under no circumstances will Spantec’s drivers hand unload product. It is the customers responsibility to unload product that is delivered without use of a crane truck.

Spantec will not delivery to any site that requires access via a barge or similar. If access is via barge Spantec will deliver to the dock only.

In all weather situations, especially wet conditions it is up to the driver to decide whether access is possible without causing property/truck damage, without getting bogged.

If the truck gets bogged on customers advice to enter the property, towing charges, truck hire and any damage to property/truck,   will be at the customers expense. Refer to Spantec Delivery Advice Form showing customer signature.

It is the customer’s responsibility to sign for delivered material. If at the time of delivery no one is in attendance, the materials will be deposited and the customer will remain responsible for all goods.

Where the customer does not sign or is not available to sign the delivery docket, the signature of the driver on the delivery docket shall be prima facie evidence of delivery to the customer of the products and quantities described on the delivery docket.

If the truck is turned away due to conditions outside of Spantec’s control or problems with site access, then the delivery fee will be re-charged to the customer. Payment for the re-delivery must be received before materials will be re-delivered to site.

DELIVERY INFORMATION                                                                 

DELIVERY TIMES: Spantec anticipates delivery to occur between the hours of 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday. The delivery date will be scheduled in advance by a Spantec Production Administrator. On the delivery date the driver will make contact on approach to the site, most often when one to two hours away.

UNATTENDED SITES: In the event of an unattended site the driver will endeavor to unload as close to the site as possible. In these instances, no responsibility will be taken by Spantec for damage to product nor claims for pilfering part or all of the delivery made. If product must be returned to Spantec redelivery fees will apply.

SITE ACCESS: It is the responsibility of the customer to alert the Spantec Production Administrator of any special requirements or site access difficulties. Failure to do so may result in an unsuccessful delivery and additional delivery fees.


OVERHEAD POWER LINES: It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Spantec about the location of overhead power lines. The proximity of any overhead powerlines to any vehicle unloading is heavily regulated. If overhead power lines are going to affect the safe and successful unloading of product, the customer must provide another option to Spantec at the time of contract sign off or order placement.  If the product requires hand unloading, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide adequate labor to complete this task.

If upon arrival to site the driver assess a problem with overhead powerlines, the driver will seek a suitable secondary option through working with the customer. If no option is agreed upon then the products will be returned to Spantec for future delivery, additional delivery fees will apply.


CLEARWAYS AND OTHER SPECIAL ROAD RESTRICTIONS: It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Spantec of any special road restrictions in the delivery area. The customer also has the responsibility to provide an alternative delivery option that is in-line with the local council and government requirements.

If upon arrival, the driver determines they will be in breach of any restrictions (e.g.; A clearway is in place) they will refuse delivery in that location. If a suitable secondary option is not achieved through working with the customer, then the products will be returned to Spantec for future delivery, additional delivery fees will apply.                                                                                                                                                                          

WORKCOVER RESTRICTIONS: Customers should be aware that under Workcover legislation there are restrictions governing the ability of drivers to load/unload from heavy vehicles. Please note, Hi-Ab unloads are from the trailer to the ground. It is unsafe for Hi-Ab’s to be used to load product onto buildings. If upon arrival, the site is considered unsafe for the delivery vehicle, the driver will inform both Spantec and the customer (where possible) for alternative arrangements to be made. If the delivery was unsuccessful due to site issues through no fault of Spantec, additional delivery fees will apply.

PRODUCT RETURN: Product that has been manufactured or purchased specifically to your requirements CANNOT be returned. Refer to Spantec Returns and Refunds Policy.


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Note: Spantec Site Delivery Advice Form MUST be signed and returned prior to Spantec delivering your project/ goods. By signing and returning the Spantec Site Delivery Advice Form you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above document.


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