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With 30 years of industry experience, Spantec started business back in 1991 as a supplier of lightweight beam and bracket products for the residential market. As the company and brand increased, we gradually broadened our expertise into commercial construction with our first project in 1999, supplying Boxspan material for the 2000 Sydney Olympics accommodation village.

Since then we have been part of many construction projects, from two story modular construction in Gladstone during the mining boom, to supplying our products for walkways and roof structures for the education stimulus package, to now being heavily involved in infrastructure in NSW/VIC and interior fit out and refurbishment.

Our commercial success and reputation are largely due to the quality products we manufacture and the service and technical knowledge we are able to provide to the industry. Our dedicated team of salespeople, estimators and engineers can provide a complete package of initial company presentation or site meetings, to providing construction drawings, certification and material supply specifically designed to suit each individual project.

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If our full design and engineering package is not what you are after and it is just product supply, then our team is entirely committed to delivering the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.

Spantec products provide endless opportunities across a multitude of commercial applications. Some of our key areas include:

  • Commercial sub floor construction
  • High KPA commercial decks
  • Walkway and Roof Structures
  • Interior fit out raised floors, ceilings, and heavy-duty wall frames
  • Building façades
  • Commercial and factory awnings
  • Large span skillion roof structures
  • Modular and multi-story applications
  • Mezzanine applications
Key Benefits In-house
  • 30 years experience in light weight manufacturing
  • Quality products manufactured to tight tolerances
  • Engineered and certified span tables up to 7kpa
  • Can provide full construction drawings designed to suit your project
  • Manufacturing ability and large stock holding
  • Australian manufactured Boxspan beams using Bluescope coil
  • Boxspan is available in coating class Z450 (or equivalent)
  • Size range from 100×50 to 250×50
  • EZIPIER components are hot dip galvanized, can be used in all commercial applications
  • Full range of brackets across all sizes manufactured in house
  • Ongoing technical support, before, during and after project is complete
Key Construction Benefits
  • Boxspan beams are precisely manufactured to length, reducing wastage
  • All beams are straight and true to size
  • Beam lengths up to 12 metres
  • Box section allows for simple bracket connection
  • Light weight simple to install. High strength to weight ratio
  • EZIPIER allows floor adjustment, before, during and after construction
  • All components come marked and labelled for easy identification and fast assembly onsite
  • Uniquely designed smart bearer. All bracket location holes are pre punched and each floor bearer carries clear identification as to how it is assembled
  • Non-combustible materials manufactured from steel
  • Range of brackets allows versatility onsite
  • Able to supply full floor, deck and roof kits reducing use of multiple suppliers

Spantec Solutions

  • Boxspan – Strong, Straight, True to Size
  • Floating Restaurant Out of Steel
  • Open Plan with Boxspan

The newest addition to the Sydney Markets fresh produce hub or commonly known as Sydney’s food bowl, this state of the art sorting facility will soon become the new headquarters for some of Australia’s largest fresh produce suppliers.

This new facility is located a stone’s throw from the main produce market located in Sydney’s inner western suburb of Homebush. The unassuming design of the facility is complimented by the neutral grey tones used to accentuate the metal mesh façade, which is a well-balanced blend of a visually appealing, durable industrial products.

What makes this particularly unique is the frame that was used behind to mount the mesh panelling, Spantec’s Boxspan was selected due to its strength, light weight and time saving benefits of being able to construct on the ground and simply lift into place.

Company – Reitsma
Location – Homebush NSW
Products – Boxspan 100x50x1.2 beams with associated Spantec brackets
Quantity – 1200 l/m of products manufactured to exact length, no wastage.
Key Benefits – Perfect manufacturing tolerances, every beam was straight and true to size, light weight beam, screwed together solution.

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Case 2

Arbory Afloat, a pontoon style of floating restaurant in the beating heart of Melbourne CBD. Bosting beautiful 360° views of the Yarra river and the city skyline, this restaurant provides a unique dining experience. The restaurant features white and pink colours inspired by the cool vibes of the 1970s Miami.

For this extension of the existing restaurant, Spantec was selected due to having the capability to meet the tight construction timelines, with minimal onsite disruption required, the need for an accurate, quick to erect, precision cut floor system was key in maintaining a fast construction time.

The scope included an upper floor frame where our Boxspan product easily integrated into the structural steel framework and the upper deck frame which consisted of the full Boxspan kit system. The exposed areas also required powder coating to match the Miami design requirements.

The Spantec design team prepared a full set of construction drawings inhouse, for the builders to work off. The floor kit then arrived at site pre-cut, all beams were labelled with size, length and beam number relating back to the plans.

The time saving on this project was being able to receive delivery and start constructing almost immediately, there was no requirement to cut any material, therefore no wastage, it just all fit together like a big meccano set.

Builder – The Melbourne Builder
Location – Melbourne
Product – Boxspan 150×50 various gauges.
Size – 1312 l/m of product manufactured to length
Key Benefits – No wastage, simple assembly, product supply



Proving that Boxspan is not just for floor framing, this open plan childcare centre is taking full advantage of the opportunity that light gauge steel offers by providing smart building alternatives and solutions to builders.

Constructed like timber, Boxspan onsite really excels, it is light to lift into place without the need of a crane, the beams themselves are straight and true to size and the whole frame is simply tek screwed into place.

Building with Boxspan provides exceptional flexibility over the design of any flat commercial roof structure, the high strength to weight ratio is a big plus as it makes possible a minimal depth beam that can offer increased spanning capabilities.

In this case the custom raked roof design was matched with over a 10 metre open plan space throughout the childcare centre. Being able to manufacture up to 12 metre beams in one length was an additional onsite benefit that provided a great time saving in construction.

Company – Orland Song Construction
Location – Kellyville NSW
Products – Boxspan 200×50 beams
Quantity – 1207 l/m of products manufactured to length.
Key Benefits – Spanning capabilities, simple assembly, manufactured long lengths, tight delivery deadlines.





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