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A new outdoor deck is an exciting addition to your home and a great opportunity to extend your living and entertaining area outdoors.

Whether you are building straight off the back of your existing home, incorporating a deck into your new build or building a completely free-standing independent structure, there are a few key points that, after 30 years of supplying deck designs and products to builders and DIYers, Spantec think you should consider.

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Deck Size and Design

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What size deck is right?” There are, however, several things you should consider to ensure that your deck will be right for you.

  • Determine what space is required and where it will be situated in relation to the internal living space, does the inside flow seamlessly to the outside and allow the deck to form part of the home and landscape and not look like and add on. Councils often have requirements on setbacks to the side, rear and front boundaries of your property, these factors will influence the design, size and shape of your deck.
  • You also need to ask yourself, what will my new deck be primarily used for, living, dining, outdoor cooking, spa, the list goes on. These uses will determine the strength required for your structure and its design, size and shape.
  • When it comes to a deck, it is not necessarily the larger the better, it is also as important to consider what impact it may have on the existing structure and the internal space. A large deck can limit the natural light, especially if it has a roof, depending on the slope or site elevation a large deck can also impact your view from inside. As a guide, the long side of any deck structure is generally parallel to the external wall of the house with the smaller dimension projecting out towards the yard or garden, by maintaining the shallower depth it may still allow the views and natural light you require. Careful consideration of space needs to be thought about, you need to allow people to move comfortably from inside to outside, while allowing enough room to move around dining tables and sitting areas.
Deck Height

Consider in advance how high your deck is going to be. If you have a sloping site and want to add a further entertaining area or you want to maximise views don’t be scared off with feelings that your vision is unachievable, there are products on the market that offer expertise around these areas.

A few things to consider when making your decision:

  • A high deck carries more load, therefore a geotechnical report on the ground under your deck may give you the peace of mind that the footing supporting your new deck will be sufficient. In addition to this the higher up your deck is, the more lateral stability is required by the way of additional support and bracing to the sub structure.
  • Choose a company that has certified products suited to this type of deck construction. A company that has experience in this area and offers a design and engineering service may be a huge cost and time saver.
  • Other areas to consider for highset decks are products that are lightweight and easy to work with and the additional cost of a stair system.
Deck Flooring

There are many ways a deck can be constructed, and every year there seems to be more products on the market, but it all falls into two simple categories.

  • An open deck where rainwater can pass through the deck to the ground below. Open decks are more common and are generally constructed from timber decking, composite decking, PVC or aluminium. Careful consideration on maintenance is required when selecting your material.
  • A fully waterproofed tiled deck that is sealed where any rainwater runs off the outer edges. While the costs of this type of construction are generally higher, a tiled deck has less maintenance, add a fall and the rainwater cleans it. If the deck is highset it also allows a usable space under the deck for storage or other purposes.

Design considerations also need to be taken into account when choosing your decking material. For example, do you want a seamless flow from the inside to the outside? Do you have tiles or timber inside the house? These considerations may help in the selection of your decking material.

Consider What’s Under Your Deck

Selecting the right materials for your deck sub frame is just as important as selecting your decking boards. Many people choose a high-quality finish on top of their deck but then compromise on the sub structure below. This selection is crucial if you want your new deck to last and have an extended design life.

With so many durable hardwoods, multiple composite decking boards, and fully sealed tile deck options to choose from, a durable, environmentally friendly and low maintenance product like a steel sub structure may be a feasible option.


Australia is a large continent with a variety of climate zones. These climate zones range from the cold alpine areas of the Snowy Mountains through to the hot, tropical conditions of QLD and NT. The first step in finding the right material is considering where you live, and the type of weather your deck will experience throughout the year then match this with what products will be most durable and fit for purpose and what life expectancy you are looking to achieve for your new deck.
The following provides a brief description of each National Building Code (NCC) climate zones:

  • Climate zone 1 – high humidity summer, warm winter
  • Climate zone 2 – warm humid summer, mild winter
  • Climate zone 3 – hot dry summer, warm winter
  • Climate zone 4 – hot dry summer, cool winter
  • Climate zone 5 – warm temperate
  • Climate zone 6 – mild temperate
  • Climate zone 7 – cool temperate
  • Climate zone 8 – alpine
climate zone
© Commonwealth of Australia and the States and Territories of Australia 2019, published by the Australian Building Codes Board.
Spantec Deck Benefits

The Spantec deck system is an engineered solution providing both exceptional performance while being simple to assemble giving you construction efficiency through speed of install. When dealing with Spantec you receive a full deck kit system including bearers, joists, adjustable piers, brackets, and all fixings.

  • All Spantec products are engineered and certified.
  • Spantec have 30 years’ experience in design and manufacturing floor and deck systems.
  • Spantec individually design each deck system or give you the option to design yourself with easy to understand span tables.
  • All deck kits are pre-cut made to measure, no wastage.
  • Are delivered to site with easy to understand construction drawings, all bearers and joists are labelled with size, length and location referring to the drawings, making assembly simple.
  • When designed, each bearer has Spantec’s unique smart bearer which consists of a printing and punching process, where the bracket location holes are predrilled with clear identification points at nominated 450mm or 600mm joist centres.
  • Our Boxspan bearers and joists are a box like shape allowing simple no fuss bracket connection, this also allows simple whaling plate fixing to your existing house structure.
  • Our bracket range allows straight, angled, or wrap around decks to be constructed.
  • Ezipiers are provided with every raised deck kit, allowing you to adjust as you go or level up at the end of construction.
  • With eight different sized bearers and joists this allows flexibility in design for larger spans if required, reducing footings and excavation.
  • Spantec decks can be powder coated in any colour. In a matt, satin, or gloss finish.
  • Our inhouse engineers can provide you an additional package including Certification for footings and bracing and higher loads.
  • All Spantec products are galvanised, providing increased durability.
  • Manufactured from steel, no termite issues, product is straight and true to size and will not warp or rot and has excellent durability with minimal maintenance.
  • Light weight bearers and joists that are produced using a patented manufacturing process.
  • Long spans, less piers – reducing excavation costs.
  • Boxspan bearers and joists manufacture precisely to length to avoid wastage.
  • Components that are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, ensuring they are straight and true to size, requiring no onsite modification like planning or packing.
  • Non-combustible, perfect solution in bushfire prone areas.
  • Minimal bounce/deflection through our experience factor, strength in product and design.

Spantec Solutions

  • Case study: Boxspan deck and landing floor, Wandong VIC
  • Case study: Boxspan deck floor, Orangeville NSW
  • Case study: Standout home improvements

Spantec provide custom designed construction plans to accompany a cut to length bearer and joist system which in conjunction with our Ezipier system make for a mechano-like kit suitable for the owner builder.

Our unique feature of printing and punching joist location on our bearers makes for fast and simple installation.

This project was to create an outdoor living and entertainment area, which was to include a spa, joined to an existing verandah. The scope was expanded when the existing verandah bearers were found to be rotten and so the original wooden bearers and joists were replaced with Spantec’s steel bearers and joists.

Spantec beams were also used to build the landing for the stairs and the second landing and steps down from verandah to deck. The customer chose our product as he wanted to build from steel to reduce bush fire risk and increase the longevity of the frame.

A system with clean lines was decided on so there was no place for anything to nest in the structure. A preference for Australian made products was also a consideration when choosing Spantec.

“[I was] very pleased with the detailed plans and markings. On the final inspection, the Head Building inspector from our Shire did the inspection and commented he thought it was the best deck he had seen.”


Spantec provide custom designed construction plans to accompany a cut to length bearer and joist system which in conjunction with our Ezipier system make for a mechano-like kit suitable for the owner builder.

Our unique feature of printing and punching joist location on our bearers makes for fast and simple installation.
This project was to build an 8m x 8m wooden deck with a metal frame under the existing alfresco area on a new home, this was to cantilever outside the brick columns. Being a property in a bush area a product that was termite resistant was required.

Spantec was chosen for this project as the owners researched options and found that our product met their concerns in relation to termites and appeared to be a system that was relatively easy to put together. They found it was indeed easy to assemble.

“We could not be happier, we love the Spantec system and the look it has given our Alfresco area, there is not one person who visits our property that doesn’t love this area. Naturally we advocate Spantec to each and every person that listens or may have a cause to use such a system.”


Standout home improvements have yet again created a beautiful deck structure using Boxspan deck and bracket products. Opting to use a steel deck for longevity, the client also wanted a powder coated matt finish to blend into the to the colours of the main house structure. With Spantec offering many different colours and paint finishes this was defiantly achievable and the end result looks fantastic.

Being a box section with simple saddle type brackets enabled Daniel and the team to simply construct the main L type deck structure with multiple landings heading down to ground level.

Matched with hardwood decking and an aluminium handrail system, the result was a beautiful architectural style deck that the owners will enjoy for years to come.



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