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Internal Bay Bracket

With the introduction of new Ezipier heads we took the decision to change some of our external brackets to make the connection neater and tighter than ever before so there is minimal build up of bracket and pier head.

Ezipier Raised Perimeter Pier Head

This is our latest adjustable pier heads to be added to the range. Here we’ve created a specific pier head to do the job of a number of a number of components in one. It’s used at the end of internal bearers where they connect to perimeter bearers.


Ezibrace – Cross bracing

This is the quickest and easiest bracing system you will ever use! It is a great example of how we have used innovation to develop simple and inexpensive components to make building easy. To learn more watch the easy install video.

Boxspan Smart Bearer

Typically used as perimeter bearers for deck, ground and upper floor frames the smart bearer product was probably close to a 3 year project that involved many aspects of our business; our CAD software, our management system, our manufacturing software to automate the printing and punching of beams plus additions to our roll formers. The Smart Bearer saves masses of site time as all the information needed is printed in the right location, right beside the pre-punched screw holes.

Offset Cast Ezipier Heads & Base

The new cast Ezipier is a stronger, better looking, and easier to use pier head with a higher uplift capacity. A huge advantage of this pier head is that the head, post and the outside of the bearer are inline with the building frame above. This eliminates protrusions outside the building alignment of the pier head or post, which can kick out the cladding or be a danger to passers by. This is the only pier to have this extremely useful feature.

Internal End Cap

This end cap is designed to fit inside the end of the beam for a neater less bulky finish. The end cap also works like a column providing high strength to support point loads. It is another component manufactured on our fully automated bracket machine that we designed and built for high volume, making our brackets very affordable.

As a specialist in flooring systems we design and manufacture our Boxspan floors but we also support other floors with our Ezipier adjustable piers. We’ve expanded our range of pier heads to work with timber and other steel bearers. We felt it was easier for customers to have a separate website. We have plans to expand the range in the future. Check out the new website


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